The new standard for lost and found

  • 60% timesaving on found items
  • One centralized and standardized platform
  • Ultimate user experience
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What organizations say about iLost

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Increase internal efficiency

Customer searches for lost item online

High user satisfaction

Customer claims and returns home

Proven technology

More than 100,000 found items returned to their owners

How iLost works?

Easy registration of found property

In 30 seconds your client can search for lost property online.

Check and reply

Simple check of ownership on valuable items. Inform the customer instantly.

Return found property to the owner

The owner or a courier picks up the found property.

Positive last point of contactto increase loyalty

This unexpected good experience will be rewarded by high customer satisfaction.

Increase happiness, get loyalty

  • Up to 5 times more found items returned to the owner
  • Create a positive last point of contact and get loyalty
  • NPS score of 56: A great user experience
  • They expect a hassle, you serve them a wow-experience!
  • 1 user
  • Up to 50 found items per year
  • Online training
  • Custom integration
  • More than 50 found items per year
  • Online training
  • Phone support
  • And many different features to choose from
iLost is ISO 27001 certified, which exemplifies our commitment to information security.

Take a look at our security page for more information how iLost handles security vulnerabilities.

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