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The best Lost and Found management solution for amusement parks.

Lost & found handling takes a lot of time from you and your visitors. Are you looking for a more efficient Lost & Found process, no more visits to the post office and no more emails about lost property? The Lost & Found software of iLost will be the right solution for you.

Some amusement parks using the Lost & Found software of iLost, among others…

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…are telling the following about us:

”iLost offers good service to our guests and is a reliable partner for us in handling lost property in the Efteling.”

Christel Siefken

“Get the rush in Walibi Holland now without losing a thing!”


How does iLost work?

1. Found something? Register it!

Take a photo, write some details of the found property, and within 30 seconds your visitor can search for his lost property on iLost.


Owner found?
Just match!

Do the characteristics match with the description given by your visitor in the claim? Then you can match the visitor as the owner of the lost property.

3. Pick up or delivery?

After the found property has been matched, your visitor can choose to come and collect it or have it sent. iLost facilitates this with digital appointment module and worldwide shipping.
We take care of the entire process so you can focus on your visitors.

4. Satisfied visitors

Amusement parks that use iLost notice a clear increase in customer satisfaction and NPS score. A frustrating situation for the visitor can be turned into a positive final experience. This results in more positive reviews for your park.

Why iLost?

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The handling of lost and found can be frustrating and time-consuming for your employees. Our software simplifies the process and considerably reduces the workload.

ISO 27001 certified

With an ISO 27001 certificate, iLost wants to reassure you that the information from you and your visitors is safe with us.

Integrated shipping service

iLost facilitates the complete shipping process. The visitor books and pays for a shipment, after which a courier picks up the package at your business location.

Custom setup

Don't want to publish some found property? Or maybe you have other wishes or requirements for the implementation? iLost does have a lot of custom integration settings.

Satisfied visitors

With our door-to-door service and worldwide delivery you can easily surprise your visitors where they would expect hassle. This gives your visitors a positive experience.

No installation required

The system is completely web-based, easy to understand and to implement.

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