Version: September 2019

iLost B.V. Cookie Statement

To ensure that the iLost website works properly, functional, analytical and marketing cookies are used. A cookie is a small piece of data that is processed by a web server and stored by the browser. The user information stored in the cookie makes it possible to map the interaction between the website and the browser. This includes establishing authentication, registering click behaviour and analysing the navigation within the iLost website, among other things to improve the service.

Cookie settings

iLost uses the following types of cookies. You are therefore assured of being able to use the iLost website correctly, for example being able to use 'my iLost'.

Functional cookies

Necessary for the website to function and to preserve settings or preferences during the use of our website or for a subsequent visit. For example language settings, or completed fields in a form.

Analytical cookies

To measure the use of our website. This way we have insight into which parts of the website are visited and which are not, whether the website works properly and how we can improve the website. These usage data are sent anonymously and cannot be traced back to a person.

Marketing cookies (optional)

iLost uses marketing cookies to display advertisements through social media and other websites. We only use these marketing cookies if you have given your permission.

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Refusing cookies

Do you not want cookies at all? You can disable all cookies via your browser under "internet options". However, it is possible that not everything works well; may not display normally or you may not be able to use 'my iLost'.

More about Cookie settings per browser:
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