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Billing address iLost BV

Coehoornsingel 22
7201 AB Zutphen

Chamber of commerce registration: 55241506
International Bank Account Number: NL30INGB0004500571
VAT number: NL 8516.221.12.B01


Hanneke lost her camera. It nor the photos were ever recovered. Good thing too, otherwise she'd never have set up iLost!


Won The Next Women Award.
Took part in Startupbootcamp accelerator programme and seed funding for developing lost & found software for business.


Launched iLost for Business in the Netherlands and welcomed first organisations to network.


Developed platform still further, incorporating various sector-specific features and readying it for international expansion.
Boosted brand name recognition.
Continued building network.
Successfully completed crowdfunding campaign.
Won Loey starters Award and made our TV debut on RTL Z.


We have set major steps in broadening the lost and found network in the Netherlands, and set our first steps over the border. This resulted in welcoming the 10.000th ‘Happy Loser’ in July.


2017 is promising to be the best year for us yet. We are helping hundreds of people per week in finding back their items, have shipped to over 50 countries worldwide and are perfecting our platform everyday. We’re right on track for our goal of 1 million happy losers in 2020!


The year of focus. Laying a solid foundation in the Netherlands and becoming stoneware in what we do. Focus on expanding the market segments that we serve, proud of the ISO 27001 certificate for our information security policy.


Behind the scenes we prepare everything to offer iLost solutions to organisations outside the national borders. The first customers in Belgium and Luxembourg use iLost. In the course of 2019 we will continue to roll out abroad.


One million owners a year reunited with their lost items – all thanks to iLost.


Grandchild laughs when grandparents talk about their youth" 'Before iLost, you had to make tonnes of calls and fill in countless forms if you were unfortunate enough to lose something. And if it ever got found, it certainly would never have been sent to your home address. You used to have to take the morning or afternoon off work to go and pick it up.' Happy Owner

iLost. The 'Google' of Lost & Found

Some things are simply irreplaceable. So when an honest individual finds and reports a lost item, it can really make your day.

That's why I set up iLost – with the sole purpose of connecting finders and owners worldwide.

You can't imagine how great it makes me feel to be making so many people so happy, every single day!

Hanneke Stegweg, Founder

Our manifesto

To make one million people ecstatically happy by reuniting them with their items of lost property.

But did you know that 80% of lost items are actually found by organisations? And that their so-called 'system' for dealing with lost & found often amounts to little more than a cardboard box that they rummage through every so often?

If you're really lucky, there may be someone who'll have updated a list or stuck yet another Post-it note to the edge of their screen to remind them what's in that cardboard box. We kid you not.

Seriously, in this day and age? Time to get real!

We live in a digital world where everything is connected. Everything – it would seem – except thousands of cardboard boxes around the world stuffed full with lost property.

The iLost team is dedicated to revolutionising the entire lost & found process. Digitising and connecting these 'cardboard boxes' on behalf of organisations and reuniting rightful owners with their cherished possessions – quickly and easily.

We've already done this for airports, cinemas, convention centres, hotels, public transport companies, restaurants, shopping centres, stadiums, taxi companies, town halls, theatres,... and the list is growing by the day.

But we're never going be contented with merely revolutionising lost & found. No! We'll continue honing and refining our services and solutions on an ongoing basis.

And last but not least, we actually ship found items back to their rightful owners anywhere in the world. So far, we've returned over 150,000 items to owners in 63 countries.

150.000 down – 850,000 to go!

Could we make it any simpler? We'll never stop trying.

Our team

The iLost team is made up of very different individuals. Although we differ greatly, we share several important characteristics that bind us together. For one, we're all highly motivated to make iLost a rip-roaring success.

Meet our team:

Hanneke Stegweg

Hanneke Stegweg

Founder & CEO LinkedIn
Elmer de Looff

Elmer de Looff

Back-End Developer LinkedIn
Florus van Beek

Florus van Beek

Product Lead & Marketing LinkedIn
Frederieke Vroom

Frederieke Vroom

Sales & Business Development Manager LinkedIn
Ferry Weel

Ferry Weel

Sales Executive LinkedIn
Nour Bayard

Nour Bayard

Front-end Developer LinkedIn
Suzanne The

Suzanne The

Logistics Support

Lotte Kramer

Logistics Support


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A great place to work

Our credo: no innovation without inspiration. We work in a great environment surrounded by positive people who provide us with stacks of inspiration. This is a tremendous asset that's been helping us enormously on our path to success.

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