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Recently you went on an adventurous world tour through the tropical rainforest (Bush), the rocky deserts of Arizona (Desert), the tropical reefs (Ocean) and the African savannah (Safari). You then completed your tour in the Arnhem zoo through the coastal forests of Belize (Mangrove), the jungle of Malaysia (Rimba) and past impressive species such as elephants, chimpanzees, gorillas, panthers and reindeer (Park). Unfortunately, after your journey you discovered you had lost an item of value or importance to you along the way.

Our policy when placing lost items on iLost

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your lost item has been found and turned it to the care of our employees. We can however tell you that we take good care of lost items. We realise that your item may have great emotional or material value to you and therefor treat them as such. We collect all lost items at a central hub in our park, after which we will put the items on iLost as soon as possible. Hopefully all items can be returned to their rightful owners quickly. We sincerely hope that through these precautions you can retrieve your lost item and reflect upon your visit as a positive experience.

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