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Rotterdam Zoo is the most popular zoo in the Netherlands. Emerge into the fully covered Oceanarium, see the sharks swim above your head and be enchanted by the Great Barrier Reef. Experience tropical temperatures, fragrant flowers and thousands of colorful South American butterflies in the butterfly paradise of Amazonica. Stroll through the Asian swamps and stand face to face with the tigers. On the savannah in Africa you meet the giraffes. Continue your exploration and admire the new grazing residents of Blijdorp: the geladas, 'chattering' apes from Ethiopia.

Children can exchange energy in the Oewanja Kinderjungle. Clamber 14 meters high and roy down through the trunks. And whether it is sunny or rainy, in the indoor playground Biotopia children experience the most exciting adventures and they learn everything about the animals that live in these biotopes.

Unfortunately it can happen that personal items are left behind in our Zoo. Lost property is stored for three months. Unclaimed found objects are cleaned and/or washed and offered to charity.

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